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Benefit Summary

In today’s digital age, credit card transactions have become an integral part of everyday commerce. While they offer convenience to customers, they also come with costs to merchants. One method that has gained traction to offset these costs is credit card cash discounting. Here’s a closer look at what cash discounting is and the benefits it brings to merchants.

What is Credit Card Cash Discounting?

Cash discounting is a method where merchants offer discounts to customers who choose to pay with cash instead of credit cards. This isn’t a surcharge or a fee added to the credit card transaction but a reduction in the total price if the customer opts for a cash payment. If a consumer chooses not to pay your invioce with cash we automatically pressent them with the non-discoounted card price.

The Benefits of Cash Discounting:

Cost Savings: Every time a customer pays with a credit card, merchants are subjected to transaction fees. By encouraging customers to pay with cash, merchants can avoid these fees and save on operational costs. Your price is your price. If the customer chooses to pay with a credit card they don’t reap the benefit of the discounted price.

Improved Cash Flow: By receiving more payments in cash, merchants can instantly access funds without waiting for credit card transactions and the associated fees to clear. This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses.

Reduced Chargebacks: One of the common issues with credit card payments is chargebacks. They can be a hassle and costly for merchants. With cash transactions, the risk of chargebacks is entirely eliminated.

Transparent Pricing: With cash discounting, there’s no need for complicated pricing structures. Customers are given a clear choice: pay the standard price with a card or get a discount with cash. This transparency can build trust and simplify the checkout process.

Competitive Edge: Offering cash discounts can set a business apart from competitors. Customers love discounts and might prefer topay with cash to save extra money.

Less Administrative Hassle: Handling credit card disputes, reconciling statements, and managing other card-related issues can be time-consuming. Encouraging more cash payments can reduce the administrative burden. Our invoicing tool encourages cash payments. 

Safety from Fraud: Credit card fraud is a growing concern. While merchants implement multiple layers of security, there’s always a lingering risk. Cash transactions eliminate this risk.

Flexibility: Merchants can decide the percentage of discount they want to offer for cash payments. This allows them to adjust their strategies based on the business’s specific needs and market conditions.

Low Fees

2A Gateway
Traditional Credit Card
Setup Fees
Monthly Fees
Hidden Fees
Instant Settlement
Transaction Fees
Susceptible to Fraud

Price Stability

While cryptocurrencies historically have been largely unstable to hold as an asset, USDC enables merchants to take payments pegged to the USD.


Credit card payments require buyers to trust numerous third parties like Visa and Mastercard, payment gateways, banks, etc, with their personally identifiable information when making purchases. 2A Gateway payments only require buyers to provide relevant Personally Identifiable Information directly to the merchants you are buying from that is necessary to fulfill orders to ship products. We do not store your personal data and unlike the credit card companies, who are now tracking what you buy and where, we will never be able to tell what you bought or what type of store you bought from. Quite literally the only thing we can see is that a transaction was made.


All transactions made through 2A Gateway exist on a globally distributed immutable ledger. This ledger enables radical transparency and auditability to help merchants comply with regulatory requirements for record keeping.

Why is Instant settlement better?

USDC payments leverage blockchain technology where settlement happens instantaneously – removing the risk of chargebacks inherent to the credit card industry.

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