Stable Crypto Payments Made Easy

Cryptocurrency, or digital currency, has quickly become an attractive payment option for many companies and consumers. With its decentralized nature, crypto payments offer potential advantages over traditional payment methods, such as low transaction fees and enhanced security. Despite its potential benefits, however, crypto payments also present a number of challenges that companies and individuals should consider before diving in, but fear not because at 2A Gateway Stable Crypto Payments made easy is our mission!

Crypto Payments for eCommerce

One of the main issues with using crypto payments is the limited acceptance at many businesses. Cryptocurrencies are still relatively new, and many businesses either lack the resources or have yet to implement the necessary infrastructure to process crypto payments. As a result, even if a company has customers who are willing to pay with cryptocurrency, they may not be able to accept those payments. At 2A Gateway we have solved this problem, as our primary objective is to make the crypto technologies, which have been considered confusing and difficult to utilize, easy to access and implement.

Crypto Payments do not have to be Volatile

In addition, the market for digital currencies can be highly volatile. The prices of certain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, can rise and fall dramatically over short periods of time. As such, there is a significant risk for companies and customers when dealing with digital currencies. This is not the case with 2A Gateway. Since our gateway uses the USDC stable coin with a 1:1 value to the dollar you receive all the benefits of using crypto while removing the risk of market volatility